New Jersey Shoplifting Lawyers

Shoplifting is a crime and can become part of your permanent record. Being charged with shoplifting should not be taken lightly.  If convicted of shoplifting, you face consequences that include prison, fines, restitution, probation and community service.  If you have been charged with shoplifting, contact the New Jersey shoplifting attorneys at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio in Moorestown, NJ immediately.

The New Jersey criminal and juvenile law attorneys at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio have years of experience representing individuals who face shoplifting charges. Her team of New Jersey criminal defense attorneys will assess the evidence against you and develop a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome. Our New Jersey shoplifting lawyers are well respected in the criminal and municipal courts throughout the state and have a thorough knowledge of diversionary programs which are available to individuals charged with shoplifting. Michele Finizio and her criminal defense lawyers will advocate for individuals considered good candidates for such diversionary programs in order to avoid a permanent criminal record.

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Definition of Shoplifting

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:20, you can be charged with shoplifting if you have:

  • removed, without purchasing, an item from a place of business; or
  • concealed an item with the intent to steal that item; or
  • amended, changed or transformed a price tag or a package with the intent to steal.

Penalties for Shoplifting

The penalties for shoplifting have varying degrees depending on how much the item stolen was worth. The varying degrees of shoplifting in New Jersey are:

  • A disorderly persons offense consists of any theft worth less than $200.
  • Fourth-degree shoplifting is stealing of any articles worth $200 and $500.
  • Third-degree shoplifting is the stealing of articles worth $500 and $75,000.
  • Second-degree shoplifting is stealing of property worth $75,000 or more and carries the greatest level of fines, restitution and prison terms.

In addition to fines, restitution, probation and community service, shoplifting in New Jersey is punishable by incarceration of 6 months to 10 years in jail depending on the degree of crime which you are convicted.

Should violence be used in any way while carrying out or attempting to carry out a shoplifting offense, charges may consequently be raised from a shoplifting charge to a charge of robbery, which is considered a felony in New Jersey and can result in a more stringent sentence.  Pulling away from or pushing someone trying to stop you from leaving the premises after committing shoplifting or attempting to commit shoplifting or resisting arrest from an officer, is sufficient evidence to raise a charge from shoplifting to robbery.

Having multiple convictions of shoplifting can affect the penalties against you immensely.  Multiple convictions can increase the penalties.